Team Growing Bolder Podcast #3: Betsy Hughes, Charles Eugster


In episode #3 of the Team Growing Bolder Track Shack podcast, Track Shack co-owner Betsy Hughes explains why it’s never too late to transform your life. You just need to take one step at a time. She explains how she’s seen the sport of running be transformed in the 40 years she and her husband, Jon, have owned the store, including the increasing number of participants 70 and older, including their octogenarian mothers!

Plus, we chat with retired dentist Charles Eugster, who took up running and rowing at the age of 85 when he noticed he was putting on some weight. Now 96, he is smashing world records in track and field, rowing and bodybuilding competitions and redefining what aging is “supposed” to look and be like. He offers his tips for tapping into your own Fountain of Youth®.