Joan Benoit Samuelson

Staying in the Race: Joan Benoit Samuelson

Joan Benoit Samuelson may be the most inspiring female distance runner ever. In 1984 she won gold in the first Women’s Marathon ever held at the Olympics. Just weeks ago at the age of 60, she completed the Boston Marathon within 30 minutes of her very first time, exactly forty years ago. Joan shares with Growing Bolder what she believes it takes to stay in the race at any age. 

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It’s Never Too Late to Grow and Play

Who says you’re too old to play? Part of Growing Bolder is staying active, moving more and remembering to embrace fun and joy every day. And now, a breakthrough program at the University of Central Florida is helping build intergenerational relationships that lead to a win-win situation: kids who aren’t afraid of getting older and adults who are encouraged to get and stay healthy.

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Dr. Robert Masson

“Go Get ‘Em, Dr. Masson”

Dr. Robert Masson, one of the world’s top spine surgeons, loves to challenge himself and became interested in racing when his teenage son, Kyle, expressed an interest in the sport. Now, the two are taking the motorsports world by storm and continuing to Show Up Strong.

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Ed Whitlock

Ed Whitlock didn’t just break running world records — he forever rewrote the history books. After taking up running again in his 40s, he went on to set new records in his 70s and 80s. In one of his final interviews, Ed talks to Growing Bolder about his passion for running and why he continued to do it against medical advice.

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The 87-Year-Old Pied Piper of Fitness

Ann Kahl is the kind of friend we all need. She’s an encouraging, supportive and inspirational pied piper of health and fitness who believes we’re all over-medicated and under-trained. She’ll do just about anything to help anyone live a healthier and more active life. And oh yeah, she just happens to be 87 years old.

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Functional Aging Workout

This workout is designed to address many areas vital to functioning well in late life such as dynamic balance, muscle power, agility, core stability, multi-directional whole body strength and endurance. It follows the key principles of the Functional Aging Training Model™ developed by the Functional Aging Institute.

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