What’s Next for Ben Beach?


One of the running world’s most beloved event is the Boston Marathon, which held its 121st running in 2017. 30,000 people entered the race, each with his or her own motivation and inspiration. But one finisher stood out, making headlines all over the world. We’re talking about Ben Beach, who just completed his 50th straight Boston Marathon.

Ben, whom we interviewed on Growing Bolder Radio about his running streak, has run every Boston Marathon since 1968, going back to his freshman year at Harvard. As you can imagine, he has some memorable stories collected over the years (including his family’s close-call with the finish line bombings in 2013).

Plus, he talked with us about a health condition that has made running much more difficult for him in recent years:

Ben, now 67, is the first person to complete 50 consecutive Boston Marathons (and by the way, he completed this one in 5:01:26, which qualifies him to run #51 in 2018 if he chooses!).

Ben says that he doesn’t have a final number in mind. He just wants to run for as long as he is able, as he shared in this video:

Ben’s story is remarkable, but you don’t have to run 26.2 miles. You don’t even have to run at all. For tips on moving more, whatever that means in your life, check out Team Growing Bolder. And remember: what the mind believes, the body can achieve.

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