Kay Glynn


Kay Glynn is one of the world’s top masters track and field athletes. Now 60, she’s the age group world record holder in the women’s 55-59 pole vault. She’s also a world-class high jumper, hurdler, thrower and sprinter.

And that’s not even what she does best. She is also a world-class gymnast, acrobat and dancer. So imagine how she felt when a hip problem got so bad that doctors said she needed a total hip replacement that would likely mean the end of the lifestyle she lived for.

She describes the diagnosis and why, even though six different doctors told her she needed the surgery, she wasn’t willing to accept that as an answer.

Find out about the different procedure she chose and what her prognosis looks like.

Plus, Kay describes backyard playground, which includes pole vault and long jump pits, rings and bars.

Wait until you hear which activity Kay has picked out for her first activity back in a few months. Here’s a hint: she already has the music picked out.