Kay Glynn

Kay Glynn is arguably the greatest all-around female athlete over 60 in the world and by refusing to simply stop doing what she loves, she is giving notice to the medical world that it is never too late to return to the activity that you love.

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Jeanne Daprano

Jeanne Daprano is unknown to the general public, but in the masters track and field world, she’s one of the biggest superstars. Fresh off her world-record setting sub-7-minute mile, she explains how she stays so fast, fit and strong at 75.

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Lee Bergquist

As a newspaper journalist, Lee Bergquist knows a story when he sees one. And when he decided to get healthy and active in his own life, he found that he’d not only found his second wind, he’d discovered a real scoop.

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Terry Roach

Amazingly, senior athlete Terry Roach turned her major injuries into inspiration for competing. She’s a walking medical miracle that has overcome the worst to become the best.

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The Free Throw King

Andy McGuffin is the best there is. Mr. Automatic. The Free Throw King once made 400 in a row. Bill Shafer goes one-on-one with Andy to learn the secrets to his success.

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