Jeanne Daprano


Jeanne Daprano is unknown to the general public, but in the masters track and field world, she’s one of the biggest superstars. 

In just the past year, she set five age group world records, in events including the 400m, the 800m and the mile. In the mile race, she smashed the previous world record and stunned everyone with her sub-7 minute mile. 

And did we mention she’s 75 years old? 

Her feat was so impressive that USA Track and Field named her the Masters Track and Field star of the year. 

She talks to Growing Bolder about her 6:58 mile and what an accomplishment like that meant to her — and to everyone who watches her to see what’s possible in your 70s. 

Jeanne reveals how she’s changed her training and eating over the past several decades and how her lifelong passion for physicial fitness was launched when she was a young child growing up on a farm in Iowa.

Plus, find out how her 40-year career teaching physical fitness to third graders for 40 years and the experience of seeing kids being improved by fitness still impacts her life today.