Key Howard


Key Howard has a very colorful and varied background. He’s an actor, writer, producer, director and musician who has appeared in movies, on TV, on stage and in Las Vegas, where he worked with Bob Hope, Nat King Cole, Dinah Shore, and, most famously, spending several years as the musical conductor for Don Rickles. 

He’s also a master storyteller, and he’s drawing on his long and rich history in entertainment for his latest project, Ain’t Life Grand, a series of 90-second vignettes that he describes as drawing from both fact and fiction to entertain audiences with tales that reflect family, personal responsibility and integrity. 

The 82-year-old takes some time to look back on his storybook Hollywood career with us and to share stories of some of his famous friends. What is Don Rickles like off stage? What was it like to work with the great Dinah Shore? 

He also shares a clip from one of his Ain’t Life Grand broadcasts and explains why this project is the perfect role for him at the perfect time. 

Click here to visit Key’s website and learn more about Ain’t Life Grand.