Toni Wild


Toni Wild has proved she really knows the true meaning of surviving and thriving. She’s overcome the types of obstacles that would have caused most people to just throw in the towel. Yet time and time again, she’s kept a positive attitude and never doubted life could be good again. 

It started at the age of 29 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived that, and as she celebrated her five-year cancer-free anniversary, the unthinkable happened — her husband was killed when their car got a flat tire on the interstate. Instead of traveling to their celebration vacation, she watched her husband die. 

Then, less than a year later, she found another lump, this time in her other breast. After surviving yet another bout with cancer, doctors explained her heart was so weakend from cancer treatments that she’d need a transplant to survive. 

She got her new heart, and now, at the age of 50, despite 10 lifetimes’ worth of heartaches and trials, she’s still has a positive attitude and she’s still finding new ways to find joy. 

What’s her secret? She explains what her mindset was like during all those experiences. 

Plus, find out what it feels like to have someone else’s heart in her body and how it was a full circle moment since she’d donated her husband’s organs after his death. 

And you’ll never guess what she’s doing with her new heart — running marathons! She explains why she felt it was something she HAD to do.