Steve Latshaw


Like many kids, Steve Latshaw dreamed of making movies when he grew up. But unlike other kids, it’s a dream he never gave up on.

Many kids, especially those from Decatur, Illinois, don’t find themselves in Hollywood, but that’s where you’ll find Steve these days.

He’s now in his 50s and just hitting his peak, working at a prolific pace. The screenwriter and director is the man behind movies such as “Vampire Trailer Park,” “Stan Lee’s Lightppeed” and the sequel to 1959 cult classic “The Killer Shrews,” “Return of the Killer Shrews.”

Steve says his story is proof that even the most unlikely dreams can come true if you catch a few breaks and never give up. He says his life experiences, such as his divorce 10 years ago and raising his son, have also taught him the lesson that there are things in life more important than being successful.

He explains how these days he still takes the work seriously but takes himself less seriously. He says it’s been the key to thinking of his dreams less as intense career goals and more for the pleasure in chasing and achieving them. He says it keeps him feeling like that 14-year-old boy with big dreams.

Plus, find out why enjoys making horror films and studying their history.