Larry Johnson


You’ve heard the saying “60 is the new 40.” After you meet Larry Johnson, you’ll find yourself thinking “90 is the new 40” instead.

He’s 94 years old and each year, to celebrate another trip around the sun, he rides a bike 100 miles. A veteran of the National Senior Games, he’s won gold 24 times. He’s one of the top role models in the world for what’s possible in all our lives with a little bit of luck and making smart choices.

Larry talks about his incredible life journey, including why he never imagined as a child that he’d even live until the year 2000.

He describes his annual birthday ride and why he does it. Plus, find out why he loves competing in the Senior Games.

Larry also explains how becoming an empty nester inspired him to get in shape again, eventually leading to him running dozens of marathons and qualifying for and running in the famed Boston Marathon.