Louise Harrison


For 40 years, people asked, “When are you going to write a book about your brother?” Maybe a weird question to hear, but for Louise Harrison, sister of Beatles’ member George, it was a rallying cry to put to paper the amazing story of her family.

Finally at 80 years old, Harrison decided it was time to step into the spotlight herself, starting a new business, campaigning for music programs and, yes, writing that book. Her own story is fascinating — she was the first in her family to move to America and was extremely active in helping to launch her brother’s career. In  “It’s About Time,” Harrison reveals never-before-shared stories about her brother, including an illness that nearly prevented him from making it to the now-famous appearance on the “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

Harrison splits her time writing the book with her passion for “Louise Harrison’s Help Keep Music Alive,” a fundraising project to raise money for high school and college music programs. As part of the project, she’s working with one of the most famous Beatles’ tribute bands, the Liverpool Legends, to raise awareness.

See why she says that now is the right time to write the book and why she’s so passionate about helping kids in America learn how to play and appreciate music. 

For more information, visit http://www.lh-hkma.org/.