Rita Rudner


Interesting, engaging, enlightening. Three words of many that have been used to describe actress and comedienne Rita Rudner. But she’s also an activist, with a passion for letting people know that getting older can be a great thing!

Rudner says advertisers do a great job (sarcasm alert) of stereotyping what 50 looks like, and spending money on 20-somethings, when they could be making a difference with the people that are living life, have money to spend and believe in following their dreams.

She says she put her career first for a long time, but now makes time for her family and relationships. And because she’s had to get used to juggling a lot of commitments, she has a recipe for raising happy, healthy children.

And as for slowing down? No way. Rudner is still performing stand-up, producing a television special, writing books and more. Find out what’s next for this very funny lady.