Marja Vongerichten


Marja Vongerichten took a huge chance by digging into the roots of her past, having no idea what she was going to discover.

Because she took the risk, her life has now taken a whole new direction, and she’s taking us on the journey with her.

Born on the outskirts of Seoul, Korea, to an American GI and a young Korean woman. She was put up for adoption at 3 and raised by a family in Virginia. At age 19, she reunited with her birth mother.

Eventually she met and married Jean-George Vongerichten, who was born in Alsace, France, and is now a world-renowned chef.

Together, they are exploring her birth country of Korea for her popular public television series, The Kimchi Chronicles.

The show highlights Korean food and culture, while tying into her personal story.

She describes how fortunate she is to be loved and connected with both her adopted and biological families.

Marja shares what she hopes people learn from her experiences and by watching her show, particularly about the Korean country, culture and food.

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