George Hood


George Hood puts himself through things that would crush a younger man.

The 54-year-old ultra-endurance athlete has set or holds five Guinness World Records in physically excruciating events.

The former Marine, special agent for NCIS and recently retired from DEA recently set his most recent record for holding an abdominal plank for 1 hour, 20 minutes and 5 seconds — crushing the existing world record by 30 minutes! (Click here to see George in action)

Why does he do it?

George says he wants people to understand that folks his age can do just as much as they could back in the day. There’s no reason to stop — everything is possible.

Thanks to the explosion of masters sports and lifestyle changes, George says he’s so encouraged to see the dramatic difference between what 50 looked like 40 years ago and what it looks like today. George says the younger generations of today crave healthy living inspirations, and he’s happy to serve a healthy role model, particularly to his sons.

He talks about some of extreme world records, including the time he rode a spinning bike for nine days straight with few, short breaks, and why he thinks he hasn’t plateaued yet.

Plus find out his tips for getting started on your own path to health, wellness and a long life.