Marc Sotkin


Marc Sotkin is one of the most accomplished and successful writers and producers in the TV industry, and even he isn’t immune from the ageism that still permeates our society. 

Marc began his writing career in 1976. He’s been a staff writer and executive producer on more than 350 episodes of sitcoms, including “The Golden Girls,” “Laverne and Shirley,” and two Garry Shandling specials on HBO. 

His work has been recognized with several Emmy, Golden Globes and Writers Guild awards and nominations. 

He’s also written two novels, hosted his own Web series and his own radio show, Boomer Alley Radio. 

He appears to be fearless and knows a little something about the process of reinvention. The 65-year-old explains how he’s had to change his career as he’s aged and why he is so frustrated with Madison Avenue and Hollywood. 

He talks about the state of comedy and the new outlets for performers like Jerry Seinfeld, but laments the fact that these new avenue aren’t garnering enough attention from the general public. 

Find out his predictions for the future of entertainment and why he credits his commitment to exercise and eating well to the way he feels at 65 compared with how he thought he’d feel. 

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