Mariette Hartley


Actress Mariette Hartley has had a front-row seat to some of the best and some of the worst that life has to offer.

She’s an Emmy Award-winning actress and has starred in movies, TV and on Broadway. In recent years, she’s had memorable guest spots on shows like “Law and Order,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Big Love.”

Her 1989 autobiography, “Breaking the Silence,” shocked everyone, and more than two decades later, she’s re-releasing it because she says it continues to inspire and help others around the world.

She explains how she spent a year learning about the publishing business so that she could re-release her book. She says given the way Hollywood treats women her age, she knew she needed to reinvent herself.

Mariette now travels the country, speaking about her and her family’s struggles with mental health and alcoholism. She speaks out about her father’s suicide and even her own suicide attempts.

She says she wrote her stories to help herself understand them, not to relive bad times. But something amazing happened along the way — she discovered just how important everyone’s stories are. And she explains how revealing her own dark secrets helped people realize that things like suicide and mental illness happen to everyone.

Plus, find out why says her recent bipolar diagnosis was one of the best things to ever happen to her.

It’s a revealing and honest interview with one of our most beloved stars.