Double Douglas: Award-Winning Actor and Stunt Double Are Real-Life Pals


Feel like you’re seeing double?

Award-winning actor Michael Douglas just shared some fascinating behind-the-scenes information about his longtime professional and personal relationship with a man who looks eerily similar to himself.

Douglas, 70, posted three photos on Facebook with the caption:

Finished my last days on Ant-Man this weekend. Had a great time, a new experience with all these blue screens!

These are some photos of myself and Mike Runyard, my stuntman and golfing buddy for the for the last 26 years, including films like Black Rain and The Game.

The first photo is the most recent, taken on the set of Ant-Man, the upcoming superhero movie from Marvel.

The second is a still from 1989’s Black Rain and the third is from 1997’s David Fincher movie, The Game.

Here’s more about the upcoming film, from a recent interview Douglas did on The Late Show With David Letterman: