Pat Boone


What song spent more consecutive weeks on the charts than Elvis Presley’s “Don’t Be Cruel” or The Beatles’ “Hey, Jude?” It was Pat Boone’s “Love Letters in the Sand” and it was just one of his 15 Top Ten hits.

That’s more than enough for a career, but Pat has also been a movie star, on Broadway and he wrote 15 books. He’s also been married for 60 years and has become a big-time basketball player, which is pretty unusual for a guy who just turned 80!

Pat shares stories from his adventures playing hoops at the Senior Games and why basketball isn’t the only sport that gets him moving.

Plus, find out the three things Pat credits with keeping him feeling younger than his years and he offers his tips for living a life of health, wellness and happiness.

What does someone with his clean-cut image thing of today’s troubled young stars? He laments the urge to “be bad” and how he worries it affects other kids. Plus, what’s it like to be a great-grandparent? He explains.