Mike DeSenne


Retirement isn’t what it used to be. It’s not even WHERE it used to be. 

With 80 million people turning 65 a year, at a rate of 10,000 a day, Boomers are rewriting the rules of retirement, starting with where they choose to spend their retirement years. 

Forget Florida and Arizona; a growing number of retirees are looking overseas. In unprecedented numbers, Americans are flocking to places like Croatia and Colombia. 

Mike DeSenne is an editor with Kiplinger, America’s oldest and one of the most trusted personal finance publications. The publication recently released its list of eight great places to retire abroad. 

Mike explains what makes a great place a retire and the factors they used to create the list. 

He also clears up one of the biggest misconceptions about retiring abroad — that it’s only for the wealthy. In fact, Mike says, your retirement dollars usually go a lot further abroad. Find out how. 

Plus, he explains the publication’s surprising choice to include Medellin, Colombia, and discusses whether it’s more or less dangerous to retire abroad. 

From Asia to Central America and South America to Europe, find out what cities you should consider when it comes to planning your retirement. 

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