Mitch Albom


For years, Mitch Albom was a highly respected and popular sportswriter. Who knew his reputation as a tremendous sportswriter would be eclipsed by his writings as an author? His first book, “Tuesdays With Morrie,” became the best-selling memoir in history.

In “The First Phone Call From Heaven,” a woman gets a call from her dead mother, then others start getting calls, too. The story revolves around everyone’s reaction.

Mitch explains how he got the inspiration for this book from his mother, who has not been able to speak in five years since her massive stroke.

Find out why Mitch bristles at the idea his books are about death. Find out why he believes they are really about the way we live our lives and interact with our loved ones and the world around us.

Plus, did you know Mitch is one of the most active and involved philanthropists?  He explains how his late mentor Morrie inspired him to make a big difference, including in his hometown of Detroit and Haiti. And he’s not just writing checks. Through his eight different charities, he’s working constantly to change lives for everyone from orphans to veterans.