Nora Gallagher


After you hear Nora Gallagher’s story, you may never cancel your doctor’s appointment again. 

She almost didn’t go to her eye exam, but she did. And that’s when her doctor discovered a condition that could have cost her her eyesight. She says that diagnosis opened the door to what she calls a bizarre alternate universe that is set up for the sick and features everything from excellent doctors to those who are cold; outdated techniques to cutting-edge technology.

Nora says she’s witnessed it all and she’s sharing what she learned in her new book, “Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic.”

She describes the separate world that the sick seem to inhabit and how different they feel from healthy people going on with their every day lives. 

Plus, have you ever heard of the 15-year in medical care? Nora explains.

To learn more about her book and experiences, click here to visit her website.