Pamela Quigley


If you have a voice and you have a passion, it’s never been easier to find an audience. The gatekeepers are gone. If you’ve got something to say, you’ve got a home on the Internet.

That’s exactly what Pamela Quigley has done. She is the co-founder of the blog Patina & Hue, an interesting combination of original content and an aggregation of things Pamela loves.

She explains the origins of her blog, which she started with her best friend who lived several states away. She says they were looking for a way to invite others to share their conversations about all aspects of design in our lives, from fashion to home.

Pamela says fashion isn’t their primary goal — empowering women 40 and over is. She explains how they highlight inspirational stories about women making a difference.

We’re also thrilled to welcome Pamela to the Team GB Elite blogging team. Click here to check out her new GB blog: