Janice Lennard


Janice Lennard is the poster child for the benefits of staying active as we age. She has been involved with ballet, yoga and Pilates for more than 65 years.

Now in her 70s, she teaches yoga classes at Rancho Mirage in California, and now, thanks to a new series of DVDs, she is inspiring men and women around the world not only with her style and technique but with her graceful attitude on aging.

Janice talks with Growing Bolder about her lifetime commitment to staying active and explains why she thinks yoga is such an ageless and age-defying activity. Plus, she explains why life keeps getting better as she ages. She shares what she’s learned about life and how it makes each day better than the last.

Click here to visit Janice’s website to learn more about her yoga and Pilates practice and to watch her in action.