Nelson Dellis


After his grandmother died of Alzheimer’s disease, software developer Nelson Dellis set out to start training his mind. In just over four years, he has transformed himself into one of the world’s greatest professional memory athletes and is the four-time USA National Memory Champion.

He memorization feats are extraordinary, yet he doesn’t have a photographic memory. He does it by training five hours a day. His memory accomplishments are just one part of his interesting story. He’s also passionate about mountain climbing and he’s combined his two passions by creating the non-profit Climb for Memory. The organization’s goal is to spread awareness of and raise funds to cure Alzheimer’s.

Nelson talks to Growing Bolder about some of his more dangerous climbs, including his two failed efforts to summit Mt. Everest. Plus, find out how he thinks we can all decrease our chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

Click here to visit Climb for Memory’s site to learn more about the missions and to read Nelson’s blogs from around the world.