Maria Shriver

Whether you’re 24, 42, 58 or 85, we’re all living through transitions. It’s a hallmark of life and one that can leave us feeling paralyzed and lost. Writer, journalist and advocate Maria Shriver wants everyone to know they’re capable of living meaningful, empowered lives, no matter how lost they may feel. Get her tips for finding the principles and practices to live life boldly.

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Changing the Stigma of Memory Loss

Step inside one of the most unique clubs in the world. All of its members are experiencing some form of early memory impairment and they’re doing something about it. See how they’re learning to celebrate capabilities and learning that even though life may be different, it can still be a wonderful life.

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Dr. David Agus

The next 5-10 years may forever change the way we approach health care. Renowned physician Dr. David Agus explains why these are called the lucky years. He shares some of the exciting new research that is saving lives and changing lives.

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Smelling Alzheimer's Disease?

Smelling Alzheimer’s Disease?

While researchers focus on disease prevention, facilities across America are working to help families cope with their sudden caregiving needs — and showing that while Alzheimer’s can be devastating to everyone involved, there is always hope.

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