Changing the Stigma of Memory Loss


Last Updated on January 30, 2024

Multiple studies reveal that adults now fear dementia more than cardiac disease or cancer. A diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s can be devastating news but it doesn’t mean the end of friendship, love and even joy. Come along as we visit the Brain Fitness Club, named by the the International Council on Active Aging as one of North America’s most innovative active-aging programs.

The ultimate goal of the Brain Fitness Club is to provide a setting that celebrates capabilities; offering programming that is success-based, boosts self-esteem, and maximizes health and well-being by providing a therapeutic environment where members can engage in brain healthy activities and learn lifestyle adaptations.

Brain Fitness Club offers three 14-week semesters annually. Sessions take place twice weekly for four hours each day. Students from the University of Central Florida, Rollins College and Adventist University are an integral part of the program. Graduate clinicians from UCF’s Communication Disorders Clinic, supervised by a professor, conduct a thorough assessment identifying each member’s strengths. Based on the evaluation, an individualized plan of care is developed.

To learn more about Brain Fitness Club, email its organizers at [email protected].