Living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Finding Joy


Eugenia Zukerman is by all accounts a brilliant woman. She is smart, she’s creative, and she’s caring. She’s a world-class flutist. She was a long-time television correspondent on CBS Sunday Morning, and now she’s come face-to-face with Alzheimer’s disease.

With the time she has, she is doing everything to reach out to those who are dealing with things like dementia or even isolation and loneliness. She wrote a book called “Like Falling Through a Cloud,” full of poems with heartfelt, eye-opening insights into what it’s like to face a life-threatening challenge.

Eugenia doesn’t look at her Alzheimer’s disease with fear. There is no physical pain. While she’d like to live a longer life, she says the knowledge of her disease motivates her to be positive and find joy every day.

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