The Answer to Movement Longevity Lies in Our Feet


Last Updated on July 3, 2024

Maintaining movement as we age is critically important to our quality of life. Research shows it’s directly connected to our mental health, heart health, resistance to injury, greater strength and stamina, a reduced level of complications from chronic diseases, and so much more.

It’s also critical to our ability to live the lives we want to live. Multiple studies now show that 90% of adults want to remain in their own home as they age, as opposed to moving to an assisted living community. To do that, a certain level of independence is required, fueled by physical mobility. So, how do we maintain healthy balance and movement for as long as we live?

Dr. Emily Splichal, CEO and Founder of Naboso

Functional podiatrist Emily Splichal says it begins with our feet. Dr. Splichal is the author of “Barefoot Strong” and the CEO and founder of Naboso, a company that creates products that focus on improving movement, performance, and recovery through stimulating thousands of nerve endings in our feet.

“Taking our shoes off and stimulating the nerves in the bottom of the feet is a really powerful way to access the brain,” Splichal told Growing Bolder. “These nerves in the bottom of our feet are designed to feel and ‘read’ the ground we are walking on. It is through this sensation that we are able to stand, balance and walk.

“What I was taught in podiatry school is that our feet are much more mechanical, that we have high arches, low arches, that we think of our foot as far as orthotics and supportive shoes,” Splichal continued. “But we cannot overlook the sensory or brain-based side of our feet – and that the sensory stimulation is actually what determines our foot strength and movement.”

All of the Naboso products include a patented textured designed to wake up the nerve receptors in our feet, much like braille works with fingers. Hundreds of tiny pyramids cover every product, activating the body’s ability to utilize two-point discrimination to get the most accurate nervous system stimulation.

As a functional podiatrist, Dr Splichal focuses not just on the feet but there ability to impact the entire body. She says the lyrics of the old spiritual song “Dem Bones” are important to understand: ‘The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone. The ankle bone’s connected to the knee bone.’”

“That’s true. The body is very much interconnected. Every time we walk, every movement that we make there’s stress going through the body.  If you don’t have sufficient mobility or strength in the parts closest to the ground, the foot and the ankle, that stress has to go somewhere. It’s going to find a joint, and it oftentimes goes one joint up, which means it starts to stress the knees, hips and lower back.”

With a wide range of sensory-based products including textured insoles, recovery sock and foot recovery tools, Dr. Splichal’s mission is to educate, guide, and empower patients to take their health into their own hands by allowing them to regain their mobility to live healthier and longer lives. Testimonials include patients and customers with neuropathy being able to feel their feet again, as well as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke, and concussion patients achieving a new sense of independence as they can once again engage in the activities of daily living.

“What keeps me motivated is hearing those stories, knowing the way that I practice medicine and the products that I develop are genuinely helping people and changing their lives,” Splichal said. “Your feet are your body’s foundation to movement , and that’s what I want people to think about with my name. I advocate for foot awareness, foot strength, and foot recovery. Whether you’re a young athlete, a masters athlete, or you are just an athlete of life, which is the ability to walk around the room, you need to be thinking about your feet.”

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We would like to disclose that Growing Bolder has an affiliate relationship with Naboso. This means that we may earn a commission from the sale of products featured in this article at no additional cost to you.

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