Growing Bolder Presents: 2 Siblings. 2 Experiences. 1 Mission.


Marc and Molly are a brother and sister who lost both parents to Alzheimer’s disease. They will share a fascinating, heartbreaking and deeply personal story about how their parents deaths were instrumental in transforming their personal and professional lives.

Marc and Molly have both dedicated their lives to changing the culture of aging and caregiving. Their unique professional trajectories encompass both the vision of what’s possible and the reality of what’s doable. Marc shares examples of how big ideas can transform lives, while Molly shares what happens when big ideas are implemented without adequate buy-in from all stakeholders.

While Marc delivers the life-affirming message that aging is an opportunity — even for those with serious physical and mental impairment, Molly reveals that most of the funding related to aging is funneled into research for cures and preventions, and very little into programs to bring joy into the lives of those currently suffering with physical infirmity or memory loss. Marc and Molly examine the gap between what is and what might be and deliver the inspiration to not only do more, but also the pathway to make it happen.

This program is presented by Growing Bolder and is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

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