Pat Williams


Pat Williams is one of the country’s top motivational speakers and one of its most prolific authors.

The author of 53 books, he’s out with two new ones: “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inside Basketball” and “What Are You Living For?”

When the publishers of the wildly popular Chicken Soup series approached him with the idea of gathering inspirational stories from the basketball world, he reached out to some of the biggest names, including Michael Jordan, legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden and Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Williams, the Senior Vice President for the Orlando Magic, also got exclusive access to a unique basketball story involving one of the nation’s highest profile fans — President Barack Obama.

In “What Are You Living For?” Williams lays out the four most important and satisfying reasons for living and dying. Here’s a hint — none of the reasons involve fortune or power.

Williams is one of his generation’s most thoughtful and compassionate individuals. You’ll hear his passion for life and his dedication to doing things with respect for others.