Rhonda Britten


A generation or so ago, if you would have asked someone what they did for a living and they said “life coach,” you would have looked at them as if they had two heads. 

Today, they’re everywhere! There are millions of life coaches. One stands out above the rest, though. Oprah thought so, too! 

She’s been a best-selling author four times and is the founder of the Fearless Living Institute. She also won a Daytime Emmy Award for her role in changing people’s lives on the show “Starting Over.”

Rhonda Britten says people hear about achievements and think her entire life has always been wonderful, but as a child, she witnessed one of the most horrific things a child can see. She shares the haunting experience and how it caused her own life to spiral for decades to come. 

She explains how she got started on the long, painful process of rebuilding her life in a positive way and stopped beating herself up for surviving the childhood experience. 

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