Robert Altman


Few people can claim to have captured an era, but that’s exactly what Robert Altman did. 

Through the lens of his camera, the former chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine preserved the essence of the 1960s. His photos document one of the most unusual and turbulent times in recent history. Here’s what others say about him: 

“Robert Altman visually documented the changes that rocked the ’60s with a scope and clarity no one has surpassed.” — Bookpage America’s Book Review

“His photography was instrumental in portraying the look and feel of the ’60’s.” — Jann Wenner, Editor and Publisher, Rolling Stone

“Altman’s particular genius is best showcased in his legendary crowd scenes; what these photos occasionally lack in technical precision, they more than make up in the raw, wild feelings they’ve miraculously captured.” — Publishers Weekly

Altman subjects were a who’s who of rock stars and icons of the ’60s. And he didn’t just watch — he revealed on the Growing Bolder Radio show that he dropped acid with LSD Guru Timothy Leary. 

From Woodstock to Berkeley, Altman was there. But he doesn’t just dwell in nostalgia. 

In this interview, he explains how he was always motivated to keep up with the times. He was one of the first photographers to embrace the digital era. 

He is an accomplished Web designer and has stayed as relevant and creative as ever.