Eva Birath


When given a choice, most women would rather be a supermodel than 51-year-old bodybuilder. Eva Birath has been both and she loves what she’s become.

It’s been an interesting journey. Just five years ago, her life was quite different. She was a successful marketing executive who had just escaped from her second marriage. Then, just before Christmas 2002, she was laid off. She lost her home, her car and her confidence. The only place she felt comfortable was at the gym.

A regular there told her she had a good physique for bodybuilding. That’s all it took. She entered her first bodybuilding competition at the age of 47 and won! From there, she was hooked.

Now, she’s not only one of the top female bodybuilders in Sweden, at 51, she’s also one of the oldest. She hit the Growing Bolder Radio Show head on when the topic of steroids came up. Hear her response.

To check out more pictures of Eva in action and to follow her training regime, click here for a link to her Web site.