Scott Ludwig


He was a young man, sitting in front of a couch, beginning that all too familiar spread when he decided to work some pounds off by running. He went out for a run and he still hasn’t stopped.

That was 30 years ago. He has not missed a day. Not only that, he kept running farther and farther until he’d run so many marathons that he wanted more. He got to where he would run the Boston Marathon, keep going and do the whole course again!

It culminated in a nearly impossible run across Death Valley. 135 miles in just 36 hours in heat topping out at 133 degrees! Through it all, he’s kept a healthy perspective of the finer and more unusual points of running, and has created a fascinating book called “Running Through My Mind: Confessions of an Everyday Runner” that will not only entertain, but also encourage you to give it a try, one step at a time.