Shalu Gillum


One of the most important aspects of Growing Bolder is taking charge of your health. The question is: what do you do when you get sick, injured or face some kind of challenge? Chances are you probably jump right on the internet.

More people than ever are turning to the internet for medical advice. It can be a wonderful resource to tap into, but not everything you read online is true. How do you know where to turn to find information and research that can really help you?

Ask the librarian!

Shalu Gillum is the faculty librarian in the University of Central Florida College of Medicine’s Department of Medical Eduction. She holds a masters degree in library and information services and is a senior member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals.

She explains the pitfalls of relying upon online research and shares tips for the best ways to find the most reliable information on the Internet. She also speaks to the pros and cons of online support groups and physician ratings.

Learn how to become an educated and informed online researcher and use these skills to better your health.