Sharon Haver


Could your wardrobe use a little pick-me-up? When it comes to fashion, these days, perhaps more than ever, there’s a real difference between looking like you and looking like you’re trying to avoid looking like you. 

Nobody knows the business of beautiful quite like Sharon Haver. She is the fashion guru for Macy’s. She’s writes the column Focus on Style, which is syndicated in major papers around the world. She appears frequently on national TV and radio programs dispensing fashion advice and has styled everyone from Kelly Ripa to Elle McPherson.

Sharon says it’s her passion to empower EVERY woman with the knowledge to look her best.

Find out how to achieve ageless chic rather than being stuck in the age-appropriate “geezer ghetto.” She explains how to stop putting false limits on yourself (i.e. “Can I wear this at 40? 50? etc) and learn to dress in an ageless style that has nothing to do with the year you were born. 

Sharon says women need to stop making excuses and start getting smart. She says you don’t have to buy designer clothes or have a personal stylist to look great. 

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