Sonia Warshawski


This Surviving & Thriving segment is presented by Florida Hospital. With the right kind of care and support and the right attitude, it’s possible to not only survive life’s greatest challenges but to thrive in the aftermath.

We know that in all our lives there will be pain and suffering. There will be tragedy and loss, and we will have to make a choice — to be consumed by it all or to somehow, someway overcome.

Sonia Warshawski has overcome more pain, more loss and more heartbreak than just about anyone. She’s one of the last living survivors of the Holocaust. For decades, she didn’t talk about her experiences in three different concentration camps, but as she approaches 90, she suddenly is. Why? She explains why it was so hard for so many years for people like her to talk about their experiences. She shares some of her horrible memories, including the final time she saw her mother, as an important reminder for us to never forget those who were lost.

Sonia explains the important job all parents share to help spread love into the world and to not teach their children to hate others.

Plus, find out how to 4 foot, 8 inch dynamo is about to hit the big screen thanks to her granddaughter, who is producing a documentary on her grandmother’s extraordinary life. Click here to watch the trailer and to learn more.