Tippi Hedren


Tippi Hedren’s career began with two unforgettable films, “The Birds” and “Marnie.” Alfred Hitchcock spotted her doing a commercial on the “Today Show” and signed her on the spot.

She never found roles like that again, but she did persevere and has enjoyed a film career that has spanned six decades.

It is also through film that she found her true passion. While making a movie about the plight of big cats, she learned that lions and tigers were on the road to becoming extinct. She went to Africa to make the film and saw firsthand how desperate their situation was.

She says she felt empowered to do something to try to make a difference. When she returned to LA, she helped start the Shambala Preserve and created the Roar Foundation.

She became deeply involved with international conservation groups as an outspoken voice against cruelty to animals, both wild and domestic.

It is her true passion and she lives it every day and still continues to be a successful and prolific actor. At the age of 78, Tippi tells us why she feels as vibrant and alive as ever.