Ellen Albertini Dow


Editor’s Note: Ellen Dow died in May 2015 at the age of 101. This interview was conducted in 2008.
Actress Ellen Albertini Dow is in her 90s, and she is giddy as a schoolchild! And why not? She’s enjoying a renaissance in her life!

She’s had guest spots on “Seinfeld,” “Will and Grace,” “My Name Is Earl” and “Scrubs,” just to name a few. She’s on the silver screen, too, with a memorable appearance as a homophobic grandmother in “The Wedding Crashers.”

But it’s another movie about weddings she’s known for most. She appeared with Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer” as the unforgettable Rappin’ Granny. Wait until you hear her tell the story of how when she was asked to do the rap she didn’t even know what rap was!

But she does know entertainment. At an early age, she studied dance with the legendary Martha Graham and studied mime with the iconic Marcel Marceau. She taught drama and dance for 30 years and thought her performing days were over.

Her husband, who was a director, writer, composer and dedicated WWII hero, inspired her to get back in the game. After he passed away several years ago, Ellen’s thrown everything she has into her career.

After hearing her interview, you’ll be rooting for her, too!

Want to hear Ellen rapping? Click here to check out her birthday rap for her and Life Savers’ 90th birthday!