Tommy Roe


Tommy Roe broke into the music scene in 1962 with the hit song “Sheila,” and since then, he’s had a front row seat for the evolution of rock. He’s the man behind mega-hits like “Dizzy,” “Jam Up and Jellytight,” and “Everybody.” In fact, during his career, he’s notched 23 Top 100 hit singles.

He’s still writing, still playing and still performing. Tommy tells us he tried to retire once, but it didn’t take.

Not only is Tommy a great performer, he’s been a witness to some of the greatest moments in rock and roll. Did you know he actually opened for the Beatles for their very first concert in the U.S.?

He takes us back to the early days of his career, including writing his future hit “Shelia” at the age of 14 about a classmate he had a crush on. Plus, find out what it was like to have the Beatles opening for him in the U.K. and then how it changed when they all came to the States together.

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