Lloyd Kahn


Lloyd Kahn is used to blowing people’s minds.

People see him flying down the hill on his skateboard or catching a wave on his surfboard and think, “Who is this unusual guy with long, flowing white hair?”

As he approaches his 80th birthday, he has no plans of slowing down. He explains how he stays safe on his skateboard, a hobby he didn’t he take up until he was 65.

Lloyd is more than an extreme sports junkie. He talks about his career as a publisher and how he became one of the world’s top experts on dome homes! These days he’s focusing on a new counterculture home craze — tiny homes.

He shares what he’s learned about aging and why he thinks it’s good to keep learning new physical activities as we age. Find out how he thinks taking up skateboarding in his 60s will help him with balance in his 80s and beyond, hopefully preventing serious injuries down the road.