Jennifer Glass


This Surviving & Thriving segment is presented by Florida Hospital. With the right kind of care and support and the right attitude, it’s possible to not only survive life’s greatest challenges but to thrive in the aftermath. 

In 2013, Jennifer Glass was one of more than 200,000 Americans diagnosed with lung cancer. She got the news just four months after her wedding day. Lung cancer kills more people than the next three most prevalent cancers — combined. Lung cancer kills more women than even breast cancer.

It did not kill Jennifer and the way she has shared her ongoing fight has attracted the attention of media outlets worldwide, including NBC, ABC and People magazine.

Jennifer describes her strategy after her diagnosis and how she has learned to fear less, even if she isn’t always fearless.

As she started investigating what would happen to her, she started thinking about end-of-life issues and was shocked to learn her home state of California didn’t have many end-of-life options for people. Her discovery ignited a passion within her to help others and to make a difference. Once her cancer was contained, she became an advocate to help bring about changes to end-of-life options.

To keep up with Jennifer’s story or to help friends and loved ones find support and inspiration, click here to check out Jennifer’s Facebook page, Jennifer Glass: At the Top of My Lungs: Living With Cancer.