Allan Law


Allan Law spent 32 years teaching at inner city schools in Minneapolis and dedicated himself to helping the disadvantaged, vulnerable and poor. Over his life, he’s volunteered hundreds of thousands of hours and it’s what he’s doing with a simple sandwich that’s has gotten the attention of the entire nation.

Since retiring in September 1999, Allan has vowed to spend every night on the streets with his community’s homeless people. As he traveled to his school every day, he saw that so many people were homeless and hungry and he knew he couldn’t ignore it any longer. He started driving around to deliver sandwiches and this year alone, he’s handed out more than 720,000 sandwiches!

Allan tells us about the various organizations he works with in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and how for many people, this is their only meal of the day.

He says only one thing has made him miss his nights on the streets over the past 15 years — spending a couple nights in the hospital after his prostate cancer diagnosis. Find out some of the brutal conditions he’s endured delivering meals in the dead of the winter in frigid Minnesota but why temperatures below zero won’t stop him from his mission.

Allan explains the kinds of people he sees out on the streets. Plus, delivering sandwiches isn’t his big goal; it’s getting people off the streets. Every year he commits himself to getting 400 people into housing.  He explains how.

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