Anne Karpf


Despite the aging population around the world, the media and society still seems to be obsessed with youth. A negative connotation still surrounds aging, but one woman is trying to change that conversation.

Anne Karpf is an award-winning British journalist, author and sociologist. She was named the best independent voice on older people’s issues at the Older People in the Media Awards.

In her latest book, How to Age, she cuts through the negative narrative surrounding aging and helps readers to understand the opportunity, the beauty and the excitement of aging.

She discusses the historical origins of ageism in our society and how it evolved into something people fear and dread. Plus, find out why she says there’s a lot of money to be made in making people feel bad about aging.

She also eloquently explains why we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace aging, since it is such a privilege that not everyone gets to experience.

Anne also reveals the ways she thinks we can solve this disconnect in our society and how important it is to surround ourselves with positive imagery and examples of positive views on aging.