Dr. Jane Gibson


The human genome has been fully mapped and the live-saving benefits are now ushering in the age of personalized medicine and changing the way we fight the disease. Dr. Jane Gibson of the UCF College of Medicine explains how this may affect your future care.

Dr. Gibson has taken a close look at how genetics, pharmacology, cell biology and biochemistry all interact together to better predict how potential cancer-fighting strategies might work.

Find out how our genetics are playing a bigger role than ever in how we are treated for diseases and where the shift to “precision medicine” comes from … and why it’s great news for you and your family.

Dr. Gibson explains how you can expect your future care to change and how she and her colleagues are incorporating this new research into their curriculums for their medical students — your future doctors.

Plus, find out how important it is to keep gathering a thorough and accurate health history from your family members. She offers tips for getting the information your personal physicians will need.