Florida Blue Medicare: On the Forefront of Innovative Care


During this time of great transition and transformation, so many areas of our lives are changing, including our health insurance options. How are our plans adapting to our new environment of telemedicine and telephone physician visits? Florida Blue Medicare is on the forefront of innovating care in the face of the global pandemic, moving quickly to address its members’ shifting needs.

Kathy Feeny is President of Florida Blue Medicare, which is part of Florida Blue – the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan for Florida. Feeny has held key leadership positions at some of America’s top healthcare and insurance companies for nearly four decades. In this informative conversation, Feeny will explain how Florida Blue Medicare is addressing the physical and emotional health of its members. Plus, she weighs in on the future of telemedicine once we move past the pandemic.

Florida Blue Medicare Resources:
24/7 Emotional Support Helpline: 1-833-848-1762
COVID-19 Questions: 1-800-926-6565