Former Beauty Queen Gets the Last Laugh


Jeanne Robertson is not your typical comedian. For starters, she’s probably taller than most.

The former Miss North Carolina is a towering 6 feet, 2 inches, and after realizing during her pageant days that she could tell a funny story, she embarked on a career that has made her one of the country’s most sought-after professional speakers.

Jeanne considers herself a humorist. She says she finds ways to weave stories that everyone can relate to into a message that corporations and associations want their members to hear.

Jeanne says she’s not a joke teller — she’s a story crafter and sometimes a bit of a truth stretcher. But she says with her humor and Southern accent, she uses her tales to drive home a point that has real meaning.

The 67-year-old grandmother is also embracing technology to reach even more people. Over the past 13 years, she’s made six DVDs. They’re so popular that they’re even streamed on Sirius/XM Radio’s Family Comedy Channels. Plus, her YouTube videos have garnered millions of pageviews.

She shares her exciting plans for the future, including a national comedy tour — her first. And find out why she keeps pushing herself to come up with newer, stronger material, despite her huge success.

To learn much more about Jeanne’s DVDs and to find out how you can book her for your next corporate event, click here to visit her website.