Gavin MacLeod


He’s had starring roles on some of the most beloved TV shows in history, including “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “McHale’s Navy,” and of course, his iconic role as Captain Merrill Stubing on “The Love Boat.”

In his autobiography “This is Your Captain Speaking,” Gavin MacLeod not only shares the inside fun of his amazing career, but also some never before revealed details of his struggles with depression, addiction and thoughts of suicide.

He talks about his long and successful history, including how he turned his early baldness into an asset in a notoriously vain industry.

But he also opens up about the hit his identity took with his small role on “McHale’s Navy” and how his good friend Ted Knight’s offhand comment about him being a “glorified extra” sent him spiraling. For the first time ever, he describes the night he nearly killed himself and the moment that almost ended it all.

It’s a fascinating, honest conversation with one of Hollywood’s most respected actors.