One Team, One Goal.


It’s 9:30 in the morning and world-renowned neurosurgeon and Growing Bolder Medical Director Robert Masson, M.D., has already finished one major surgery and is about to begin a second. “This next case is a minimally invasive spinal reconstruction,” he explains. “We’re approaching through a small incision in the midline of the low back using a combination of technologies with advanced microsurgery, advanced navigation and image guidance and intelligent three-dimensional structural biomechanics.”

The procedure is called iMAS, or intervertebral micro access surgery, and will be performed by the team at Orlando Health – Health Central Hospital’s newly designated NeuroSpine Center of Excellence.

Dr. Masson imagined, designed and developed the entire platform, including the custom tools, techniques and most of the cutting-edge technology required. In the last several years, he’s personally trained hundreds of surgeons from all over the world in what has become the new standard in minimally invasive spinal reconstruction.


The team at Health Central Hospital is the world’s most experienced in iMAS surgery. Each member was recruited and trained by Masson with the stated goal of achieving peak performance, every time. The team communicates clearly, continuously and non-verbally, achieving what’s known as flow state.

We take you inside and give you exclusive access as Dr. Masson’s team flawlessly executes a complex spinal reconstruction in little over an hour, something many surgeons take 5 or more hours to perform. “We are only limited by our imagination,” he says. “And my lifelong obligation is to continue pushing technology, the industry and ultimately ourselves on behalf of those who entrust themselves to us.”