Save Big Without Extreme Couponing


Kate Forgach has written about the Boomer consumer for more than a decade and has appeared on all the major networks’ news programs and her writing has appeared in major magazines.

She says she’s uncovered the secrets to living what she calls a Fabulously Frugal LIfe. Kate says she’s discovered that living frugally can actually be fun.

She offers tips for surprising ways we can all start saving money today, and not just at the grocery store. She says even if you never clip another coupon again, there are many ways to save big money, especially on travel. She describes how she once lived on just $11,000 a year traveling throughout Europe.

She explains some coupon etiquette rules and what she thinks about the current trend of extreme couponers. Plus, she reveals how you can buy gift cards at a discount and start using them like cash.

Check out some of the resources Kate mentioned in her interview: